Oh Shit! - Oh Sh*t! The Excremely Fun card game!

The Excremely Fun Game!


Official Oh Sh*t! page!

Oh Sh*t! is a card game really simple to play and excremely fun!

Even if it's poo, there is an easy unique strategy you must play to survive the longest you can!

Filled with different flavor of poo cards, Oh Sh*t! is a game for having fun with family and friends !


The game has been Kickstarted in 2017 at 140%. Backers will receive an exclusive card series and only 500 units will be printed this year so go ahead and reserve your copy now in the Store locations page!


Have a great poo experience!






By a quality concern we like to have your opinion. Here are some short surveys to fill out about the game Oh Sh * t !!


Which kind of poo matches with you?!




Which Golden Poo do you prefer?




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