Oh Shit! - Oh Sh*t! The Excremely Fun card game!

The Excremely Fun Game!

The Goal

Fill other players with poo and avoid constipation!

The Cards

Give poo cards to other players or yourself. There are 5 differents colors of poo cards:

The Unicorn poo card matches all colors! It owns all colors at the same time.

This card can replace any poo card to form a 3-colors match!

(Ex: 2 poo of the same color + 1 Unicorn poo = 3 poo of the same color goes in the Discharge).

If there is 2 colors combination, the Unicorn poo replaces both colors at the same time!

(Ex: 2 Hot poo + 2 Golden poo + 1 Unicorn poo = 2 x 3 poo of the same color so the 5 poo cards goes in the Discharge!)

Very rare!

There are 3 types of Action cards:

It flushes all poo cards from a player in the Discharge.

Cannot be played on a constipated player.

The Toilet card:

It prevents from flushin poo cards. Even if the player has a 3 cards color match, he can't flush anything until he has played a Suppository card.

Place this card near the desired player and it stays on the player until he can drain it with a Suppository!

The Constipation card:

The Suppository card:

Removes a poo card of you choice anywhere on the table on any player and places it in the Discharge.

Removes the Constipation card but only after a poo card has been removed. (Other rules applies after for color matching poo's. Constipation card and Suppository goes down the drain.

Each player stacks poo cards in front of him, faces up in any order.


Place the Library at the center of the table.


Besides the Library there is the Discharge and the Drain piles.


The Discharge receives flushed poo cards and the Drain receives the Action cards. If the Library goes empty, simply shuffle the Discharge to form a new Library but this time it will only be filled with poo cards!





poo cards

How to survive?

Flush your poo cards before getting buried by 5 poos!

A player who stacks 5 poos and who can't remove the 5th while on it's turn will die in horrible suffering!



1-During his turn a player can put a 6th card to get out with a combination of color. At the end of his turn, the player must necessarily have less than 5 poo in his pile otherwise he dies (in atrocious suffering!).

2. A player may not receive more than 5 poo at the start of his turn


How to relief yourself

A player can remove poo cards with one of the 3 following ways:

Empty all his poo cards with a Toilet (except if Constipated!)


Empty all your poo cards to the Discharge!

Ouff! What a relief!


Collect at least 3 poo cards of the same color. All same color cards of that player goes in the Discharge.


Empty all 3 or more of the same color poo cards in the Discharge!


Remove a poo card of your choice anywhere on the table to any player with the Suppository card. It also removes constipation!


Place the poo card of your choice anywhere on the table in the Discharge!

How to play

At the begining of the game, give 1 Toilet and 1 Suppository card to each player.


Shuffle the Library and distribute 3 more cards to each player for a total hand of 5 cards.


Players can look their cards and keep them in their hands.


One player starts the game. (The last who went to the Toilet today!)


At the begining of it's turn, the player draws a card from the Library.


The player MUST play a card to someone else or to him.

All cards can be played to any player. To yourself or to the others.


Then it’s the turn of the next player. The game continues clockwise around the table until

there is only one survivor.


If the Library gets empty, simply take the Discard pile and shuffle it to create a new Library but this time, it will only be poo cards in that new Library!

Check now the countdown to the extinction! Re-shuffle that way until every player dies except one!


When a player dies, he keeps all his cards with him (Poo pile, Action pile and his hand).


How to win

Simply be the last survivor!