Oh Shit! - Oh Sh*t! The Excremely Fun card game!

The Excremely Fun Game!

Solo mode - single player

Make color matches to eliminate all the poo cards!


  1. Remove from the OhShit! cards deck :
    1. All Toilet cards
    2. All Constipation cards
    3. Keep 7 Suppository cards and remove the 5 remaining
    4. This should make you a total of 54 cards deck
  2. Shuffle the deck. By drawing every cards, make 5 columns of 10 cards and keep the 4 remaining cards in your hands.
  3. You can now start trying to match 3 colors or more to flush the poo cards!
    1. You can only move a poo card from the bottom of the columns to another column which has the same color of the moved card.
    2. Unicorn poo replaces all colors like the original game! They also can make 2 consecutive color match!
    3. Suppository cards removes any poo cards on bottom of any column!
    4. Every time you have at least 3 of the same color consecutive poo, you can flush them into the Discharge pile!
  4. Try to remove all the cards you can and use your hand to help if you need.
  5. If there is cards remaining on the table, count them and that will be your score! The goal is to have 0 cards remaining!